Outsourcing IT


Zabezpiecz swóJ biznes już dziś

Polityka bezpieczeństwa


Szybka odpowiedź na awarie i usterki z działaniem systemów sprzedażowych.


Technicznie wspieramy firmy w pełnym zakresie Teleinformatycznym.


Profilaktyka to klucz do sprawnie działających narzędzie do pracy w Internecie i Biurze.

Wsparcie Techniczne

Wdrażamy Politykę Bezpieczeństwa w firmach i placówkach budżetowych. Sprawdzamy procedury i poprawiamy bezpieczeństwo obiegu danych.
Wsparcie dla sklepów sieci handlowych
Informatyczne wsparcie dla sieciowych sklepów handlowych. Od wsparcia dla komputerów po urządzenia fiskalne i integracje urządzeń sprzedażowych. Oferujemy również zdalne systemy sprzedażowe scentralizowane dla zabezpieczenia danych i zapewnienia ciągłości sprzedaży.

Nowa oferta usług na rok 2017

Enfold is the best rated top seller on Themeforest for a reason. It comes with a lot of great features and demos, but at the same time we always try to keep things as simple and intuitive as possible, so that users with little WordPress or theming experience have no problem using it as well.

In addition to that, we offer high quality support in our forum around the clock. 40.000 registered users and more than 120.000 entries show that we care that your site runs as smooth as possible. You got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

A growing library of more than 2 dozen demos

Our demos are one of a kind: we only offer full concept demos with multiple pages that show whole projects, unlike others who only include a single page and call that a demo 😉

You can import them with a single click, they are easily adaptable to your needs and you can chose from a variety of layouts and niche designs. In addition to that you can also use the demo images used in our demo for your own project!

Our great Visual Layout Editor just got better:
Now with live previews!


Step 1: Add an element to the visual editor canvas


Step 2: Edit the element to your likings. A visual preview will be shown to the right for most content elements.


Step 3: Rinse and repeat, until you got a great website 😉

There are several approaches when it comes to content editing but we consider our Advanced Layout Editor one of the best.

We prefer a backend editor to one that is placed on the frontend, because there is less clutter and the layout process is usually much easier.

However, there are merits to a frontend editor. The biggest one is that you can see how the element your are editing looks like at any given time.

This is why we have implemented a live preview window for our content elements. So now you got the best of both worlds: easy layout building and visual content editing 🙂

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Rozwiązania integracji dla najpopularniejszych rynkowych narzędzi.
Oczywiście Pracujemy Out of the Box więc integrujemy wiele innych roziwązań…

Zobacz jak łatwo wdrożyć na twojej stronie FORUM

bbPress to oprogramowanie do integracji z systemem WordPress.

Optimize your site for search engines with Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO allows you to easily optimize your WordPress site with one plugin for all search engines. It allows for real time content analysis of your blog entries and has many more features to streamline your site. A premium version of the plugin is also available.

Build great forms with GravityForms

Although Enfold has a great and simple form builder for everyday contact forms, sometimes what you need is something more sophisticated with a lot more options. Thats where GravityForms shines!

Use Slider Revolution for beautiful slides

Although the plugin is not included as part of the theme (other than the Layerslider Plugin, which is) the theme will show an extra template builder element for the Slider Revolution Plugin for easier integration with our layouts. No Matter with Layer Based Slider you prefer, we got you covered!

Twój sklep w Internecie na WooCommerce

WooCommerce jest to najbardziej popularna platforma eCommerce w sieci, której możesz powierzyć swój sklep.

Use LayerSlider for amazing custom animations. The plugin is the only one included in the theme

Our goto slider when it comes to complex layer-based animation sliders. The Plugin is included as part of the theme but no worries, if you don’t use we wont load it, to take care of your server resources.

Mailchimp Newsletter Integration

Not technically a plugin but only the most popular newsletter service there is. And Enfold allows you to create subscription forms out of the box. Just enter your Mailchimp API key and start collecting subscribers!

Manage and organize events with this amazing plugin

A solid, feature-rich calendar and events management suite that’s scalable from soup to nuts. Also comes with a Pro version and a ton of extensions. Definitely check it out!

Twoja strona w wersjach wielojęzycznych z WPML

Prawdziwe wsparcie przez wspaniałych ludzi